Multimedia Search, Bing and more

Photobucket is a site where you can share photos, videos, and albums by email, IM, and mobile phone. Friends and family don’t need an account to see your stuff. They just need to click the link you give them.

image One amazing thing these guys are doing is keeping the innovation, they combined a killer user experience (based on Silverlight) with one of the most popular sharing behaviors on the web – instant messaging. Users are able to easily share pictures they find via Photobucket with their friends on Windows Live Messenger no matter where they are signed in .

The app was creating the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit UI Controls. It provides a skinable and flexible way to interact with Messenger . The UI controls can be easily integrated (see Interactive SDK) in web sites and makes a lot of the heavy lifting (coding JavaScript) only required if you want a fully custom experience. image

The way it works is you go to Photobucket, you search in the Visual Search, and you can see the Live Messenger sign in. So you sign in to the site and when you find the right picture you can share it with you contacts from Messenger. Simple and powerful in terms of innovation.

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