Isn’t this the definition of cool?

When you use Wikipedia for the definition of coolness it says that there is no a single definition of cool, but it is definitely related with attitude, well-being and excitement (coooool).

So here is the deal:

image Xbox, a game console with services that you can use to play games, watch movies from Netflix, share and interact with friends, post real-time status updates, and check out photo galleries on the big screen in living room with Facebook on Xbox LIVE and more.

Ok, we know that, but let’s add more color into the picture being more specific:

A technology that is in the Guinness World Records, and also won a Grammyimage

The new games are hot stuff like Halo 3 ODTS (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers), the new Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction™, (I’m a big fan of Splinter Cell), Forza Motorsport 3 recharged (check the trailers), The Beatles: RockBand

image And to add even MORE on top of all this stuff two things to make this perfect:

image Xbox Live would deliver yet another first-to-the-world: instant on 1080p streaming HD movies and TV with 5.1 surround sound—direct to TVs worldwide through its Xbox LIVE social entertainment network.

And the crown goes to:…..Project Natal.

“mom, mom, no controllers!!” What about playing Xbox games with no controllers? Even better, use your body as a giant game controller, face and motion recognition.

Do you want to take a peek? Enjoy this


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