Ramping up! Web development now!

We care about your learning. We want you to be ready with all the things you need and more.

So here is Ramp Up.

Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based learning program that will help you build professional development skills. It’s free! and help advance your career

You can choose now from Move ASP to ASP.NET, Web Development with ASP.NET, Develop Windows Mobile 6 apps, Sharepoint for Developers, VS2008 and more content ready to improve your skills.


Comments (3)

  1. sixsimgaoms3 says:

    yes i am agree with you, as well as im sigma productivity suite it’s help us very well 🙂

  2. rgurtzman says:

    I have heard good things about the Sigma productivity suite, and I am eager to check out Ramp Up, especially since it’s free.  I will be sure to tell my brother about this, since he is also very eager to get going!

  3. BiGYaN says:

    I tried out the C# course. It was rocking … brushed up my C# skills a lot. I missed something like this back in 2005 when I started exploring C# with VS 2005 Express Editions.

    Having never done any formal course on C#, many areas in C# were out of my knowledge simple because I never found any need for them, but this situation has changed quite a bit since I took this Ramp Up session.