Imagine Cup is almost here!

The road to Egypt is getting full of students.

As you read this the local Imagine Cup finals are happening all around the world

Every country created a different experience, in some cases it was training on site for the

We have Netherlands, Russia, US, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Venezuela, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, Egypt, Hungary and more.image

In Netherlands for example, the local final event was Co-host of the event was NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development) in partnership with companies like Avanade, Achmea and Exact Software.


In US, Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center was host to student technologists from across US for the finals. The students were addressed by Dan Bricklin, – co-creator of VisiCalc . In addition to the competition itself, the students spent a day in an innovation and entrepreneurial workshop led by the NCIIA, they saw the historical sights of Boston, and they presented their projects to the local tech leaders, the Massachusetts Lt. Gov, and local entrepreneurs at a community student showcase. More hereimage

In Italy the finals were held in University of Padua, with a great connection with the Local Software Economy. Engaging and collaborating with the most important Italian university incubators association (PNI Cube) with the twofold objective of spreading the culture of enterprise among students and researchers of our universities and of selecting and rewarding the best business/business ideas created.


In Turkey, the Finals was streamed online by Silverlight where they also got to vote online. More than 10.000 students watched the finals on line. Local companies sponsored the winners and top NGOs were present




In Indonesia Steve Ballmer announced the winner







And more… You can search it with and you will find the spirit always .

Adrenaline, the greatest ideas, software solutions to the toughest problems of the world, and of course a lot of fun.

Imagine Cup is coming and the road to Cairo is being paved…