Dreamspark available to high schools. Free Microsoft software and Certification vouchers for students

Yesterday Bill Gates announced in the Government Leaders Forum, a big Government conference in Washington DC, the availability of Dreamspark for High Schools.image

All the professional tools included in Dreamspark are available there. You have to be verified as student and then you can download the software.

Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, SQL Server 2008, XNA Game Studio, Robotics development studio, Windows Server 2008, Expression and more is the software that you can get from there, for free if you’re a verified student

Craig Mundie and Bill Clinton were also keynote speakers in the event.

image It’s very promising that students are in the top of the minds of the global leaders.

Take a look at Bill’s speech, 0:16:47 is where he spoke about Dreamspark, but I watched the 3 keynotes and i recommend you to watch them all.

If you’re a student, spread out the word, free software, free certification vouchers and legal is something that doesn’t happen everyday..

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  1. Beberapa minggu ya ng lalu Bill Gates mengumumkan dalam Government Leaders Forum , konferensi akbar pemerintah