Dutch water company Evides benefits from the OpenText and Microsoft Alliance


As a productivity and platform company a key part of our strategy is working with and investing in our partners to deliver enterprise solutions that extend our core capabilities to deliver value to our customers. A great example of this in practice comes from Evides Waterbedrijf (Evides), a Dutch water company headquartered in Rotterdam, serving 2.5 million people and businesses in The Netherlands.

imageEvides has a Microsoft first strategy so they naturally looked at implementing Microsoft SharePoint for a repository, records and document management and archiving solution. But to meet core requirements SharePoint would have required additional third party modules from several vendors that would expose Evides to future risk due to the greater number of vendors and the potential for future incompatibilities.

In addition to being a Microsoft shop, Evides has been a longtime user of OpenText solutions and to make a long story short they selected OpenText’s Content Server to provide the core foundation of the solution along with SharePoint. As Gerry van Meijel, Head of Document Management Department, at Evides says: “Top among the factors for selecting OpenText was the strong, long standing, strategic partnership between OpenText and Microsoft. Their global relationship and track record gave us the confidence to proceed knowing their respective solutions will continue to work seamlessly together.”

It’s a great success story of how OpenText and Microsoft work together to provide business value and minimize customer risk. You can read about the OpenText – Microsoft Alliance here and the full story on how we jointly delivered business value to Evides Waterbedrijf here. Enjoy! – Jon C. Arnold

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