Living the Digital Lifestyle

As you can probably tell, I love to tell stories about real life experiences. These days I find myself telling one about how my wife and I live the digital lifestyle to partners, customers and Microsoft employees. It goes something like this:

A couple of years ago we bought one of those fancy, LED backlight, HDMI,  Internet connected TVs. It’s a phenomenal TV and you think we would be watching it every chance we get, right? NO!

These days we rarely turn the TV on. Now, we are not anti-TV and it’s not that we don’t get the news, sports weather and watch movies. It’s just that the digital age has transformed the way we live our life. What am I talking about? image

At home we use our Surface devices in place of the TV and it moves fluidly with us around the house and the yard. The Surface is in the kitchen when we are cooking dinner, it’s at the dinner table when we are eating, it’s out in the yard when we are gardening, it’s in the bedroom at night and we even made a wooden pedestal stand that sits beside our hot tub where we fasten the Surface (I drilled a hole in the kickstand of the Surface to secure it to the stand and keep it from falling into the water). Now I know this seems like a very unconventional lifestyle and it is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s one that my wife and I enjoy.

What has enabled this digital lifestyle? It’s the new world of devices, services and the network that allows us to customize and shape the way we want to live and work.  The spark for this blog was a video we recently released that embellishes this very concept. It’s called “Work like a Network” and it’s a fascinating view and tribute to how the digital age is transforming our lives. I encourage you to take a peak as I suspect that many of you can identify with it and as Ricky Martin might say, “La loca vida digital!” - Jon C. Arnold

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