Windows 8.1 is a mobile OS

Excellent article on the work that we have done to make Windows 8.1 a significant advancement in mobile technology that goes well beyond a typical x .1 release. Check it out here!  – Jon C. Arnold  


Information At Your Fingertips

Next week I will be attending and speaking at the OpenText Enterprise World event in Orlando. The theme is the Power of Information which is about how to discover, control, secure, and unleash it so that you can be remarkable – in your role, in your organization, and in your industry. As I started preparing…


Believe it or not: Bill Gates Unveiled Windows 30 Years Ago Today

I have always been a bit of a technology historian having grown up testing vacuum tubes and stepping on transistors in my dad’s basement. Whether it is Quantum mechanics or Maxwell’s equations I have always had a flare for the opportunities that technology presents for changing the way we live, work and play. Here’s a…


Goin’ Mobile!

Most readers of this blog know that Mobility has become a widely recognized megatrend—alongside other trends such as social, cloud, and big data that are sweeping the enterprise. The numbers being reported by analysts and the press speak for themselves. People are engaging en masse in mobile computing. They love their mobile devices, and they…