Schneider Electric Selects Microsoft Windows Azure as Preferred Cloud Platform for StruxureWare

We are delighted Schneider Electric has selected the Windows Azure as their preferred cloud platform for StruxureWare. StruxureWare™ software is a platform of integrated applications and suites that delivers visibility into energy and resource use across an organization. Users can access accurate and actionable data from shop floor to top floor, enabling their companies to conserve enterprise resources, optimize business performance, and manage a sustainability strategy proactively and effectively. image

According to Chief Technology Officer, Pascal Brosset, “We selected Microsoft Windows Azure to accelerate the development of our software solutions, reduce costs and increase the reliability and security of our global offers." and "We’re excited to further our relationship with Microsoft to jointly innovate in the domain of energy efficiency solutions and provide better value to our customers."

We have enjoyed a strong partnership and this announcement demonstrates how our collaboration is allowing Schneider Electric greater access to Microsoft technology and resources to address the most pressing needs of their customers. You can read the full press release hereMay the Cloud be with You! – Jon C. Arnold

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