A Day in the Utility Life: OpenText, SAP and SharePoint Work together for Enterprise Asset Management

To set your expectations, the video we’re going to blog about doesn’t have any daredevils exiting perfectly good helicopters to fix high wires with gazillions of volts passing around them, but there’s still some very good stuff you should know about.

That’s because the video is offers a great “day in the life” type example of how OpenText and Microsoft work with SAP to optimize the efficiency of plant asset documentation and everyday workplace activities. image

The example takes place at Anglian Water, a water and waste water services company with six million users in east England and Hartlepool. The video follows a malfunction report notification from its first entry in SAP Netweaver to OpenText’s Enterprise Content Management system and then to Microsoft SharePoint. The video describes the integrated interactions between these solutions and then demonstrates how information is delivered to the fingertips of utility employees up and down the utility to initiate and execute a quick fix.

We also learn that using OpenText and SharePoint, Anglian Water has been able to reduce its efforts for document control by 80 percent, an obvious cost-cutting efficiency that keeps giving back each and every year, with every new document created.

Your adrenaline may not pump like when you see brave people perching on electrified high wires, but if you want a frustration-free workplace that improves productivity with each document created – the real world of work for most of us – this video is worth its 4 minutes 32 seconds. – Jon C. Arnold

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