Improving Carbon Footprint Management and Reporting with Better Analytics

Microsoft has been diligently reporting its carbon emissions, energy and now water use through the Carbon Disclosure Project for the last seven years.

Our process for sourcing, gathering and analyzing data can be quite challenging as it often starts months in advance and involves many stakeholders from across the business. And with 90,000 employees, working in roughly 640 buildings across 112 countries worldwide, turning this data into actionable information is the type of challenge we enjoy, and one that we think information technology is in a unique position to address.

clip_image002To help us address this challenge, we’ve recently adopted CarbonSystems’ Environmental Sustainability Platform (ESP), a cloud-based application that automatically captures and extracts data from a myriad of sources, including smart meters, energy providers, suppliers, waste processors, internal business systems, and even paper-based documents.

You can read the full story about this great effort and our partnership with CarbonSystems by going to the blog of Microsoft's Environmental Sustainability team here. – Jon C. Arnold

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