Leveraging Big Data to improve Plant and Asset Performance

One of the keys to improving plant and asset performance is having the right information at your fingertips for better decision making. In the Utility context it’s about improving productivity, reliability, increasing operation efficiency and at the same time reducing operations and maintenance costs. As we continue to inject more intelligence into the Utility asset base we are seeing the datasets grow large and having solutions and tools to manage this “Big Data” for business value is becoming a corporate priority.


A great example of a solution in action is the Accenture/Avanade Plant & Asset Performance solution. My team has worked with Accenture/Avanade for several years to evolve this solution to use the latest business intelligence technologies to help Power & Utility companies discover the most valuable data and present it in a way that is useable, meaningful and actionable. It’s a great solution for leveraging “Big Data” to improve plant and asset performance and you can check out a video describing the solution here. – Jon C. Arnold

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