OSIsoft Launches PI Coresight for Ad Hoc Analysis of PI System Data

We have all heard the phrase “BI for the Masses” but making this a reality has been a very difficult feat indeed. For Power and Utility companies few will argue that fulfilling the vision of the smart grid will require better visualization and analytic tools that will make data clear and actionable whether it is in the plant, the grid or interfacing with the customer. It really gets back to the notion of helping more people harness the data inside their organization for better decision making.

Customers have been asking for easier access. Shifting the monitoring and analytics capabilities to SharePoint is a step in that direction. In conjunction with the scalability of the Microsoft SQL Server BI platform, this not only provides greater access to BI features, but also will deliver them alongside the search, collaboration and content management features most people are accustomed to using in SharePoint. In addition, the use of Silverlight allows delivery of BI to variety of devices such as slates and Phones which allows IT departments to embrace the consumerization of IT and giving users fuller work-related utility of their mobile devices.


With that said our partner OSIsoft, provider of the PI System and the leader in real-time data and events infrastructure solutions, just announced the launch of PI Coresight, the newest, fastest way to visualize PI System data.

So what is PI Coresight? It’s a web-based product that delivers fast, easy and secure access to data from multiple PI System servers. New features include integrated searching, intuitive controls, a streamlined user interface and powerful visualization tools. All of this made possible by using our Silverlight, SQL Analysis Services and SharePoint products and technologies. We see this as a major step forward in unlocking the value of PI System data to provide ad hoc analysis, investigation and discovery capabilities as well as for to the masses. PI Coresight gives users a new way to share displays and encourages colleagues to collaborate across the enterprise. I encourage you to visit www.picoresight.com for more information about upcoming launch events and other information about the release of this great product. – Jon C. Arnold

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