Bill Gates’ Interest in Energy Becoming Manifest with Investment in Nuclear Project

I’ve blogged here and here about Bill Gates’ growing interest in energy issues. Of course, as I’ve noted, he’s been interested in utilities since at least 2006 that I know of, and earlier if you count my hiring in 2004. But recently he has been more public with his comments and some investments he’s making.

News stories in the Financial Times of London, Forbes, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal recently covered his backing of, which is working with Toshiba to develop a traveling-wave reactor. The breeder reactor design, now in experimental stages, could utilize depleted uranium as a fuel for decades without requiring refueling. The collaboration would involve using supercomputers to help design a prototype, and a potential multi-billion dollar investment by TerraPower.

The first commercial traveling-wave reactor was not expected to come online for at least 10 years. Toshiba and TerraPower declined to provide details about the deal, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Journal must be reading our blog, because they noted that:

"Gates's recent focus on nuclear power has been fueled by an interest in developing new power systems for developing countries. He has also increasingly made public his view that new energy solutions are needed to combat climate change."

Go Bill! – Jon C. Arnold

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