What Motivates Consumers to Adopt Energy Conservation?

What motivates consumers to adopt energy conservation? This is a topic of great debate to say the least. From personal experience living here in Florida, I can tell you that understanding your energy costs as it compares to your family, friends, and neighbors can have an impact. With this in mind, the Hohm team has added a really cool feature that you might want to check out.  It’s called the Hohm zip code pages and includes every zip code in the country -- all 42,000+ of them. You can also see common energy savings tips for your area or different scenarios for energy consumption based on zip code, home age and size.  To find out more, check out the Hohm blog here and the new Hohm site here! – Jon C. Arnold




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  1. DarronJ says:

    Interesting site… I’m not a green chaser, but I do love saving money. I think I’d have found a picture where the city wasn’t misspelled though 😉

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