More Microsoft Partners Grow Synergies: Bentley Systems Acquires Enterprise Informatics

Last week we received the news that Bentley Systems, a leading infrastructure software company, acquired Enterprise Informatics. A couple of paragraphs from a letter by former Enterprise Informatics Alan Kiraly about the acquisition bear repeating:

Bentley selected the Enterprise Informatics team and eB to play a key role in an exciting new strategic initiative, “AssetWise”, focused on infrastructure operations and intelligent assets. This new home for eB is going to enable us, as Bentley, to provide you with information management solutions that are unprecedented in the industry. When combined with the broad, expanding portfolio of Bentley technologies, we will provide unparalleled end-to-end solutions for infrastructure-class asset information management.


Bentley is dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure lifecycle —Bentley’s applications help engineers, architects, contractors, governments, institutions, utilities and owner-operators design, build and operate more productively, collaborate more globally and deliver infrastructure assets that perform more sustainably.

We are glad to see our partners continue to offer our combined utilities clients with more streamlined and “synergized” offerings. We’ve written about Bentley (here and here) and Enterprise Informatics (here and here) in this blog in the past. And we have a Bentley solution summary here.

We think this acquisition makes a lot of sense, as Bentley will undoubtedly utilize Enterprise Informatics eB software to integrate more projects in more ways. As strong advocates of ever- increasing integration across utility operations we applaud this development and look forward to working with the new combinations this acquisition will create. – Jon C. Arnold

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