Smart Grid Ramp Up Continues Apace

There’s a lot of activity brewing around the Smart Grid and in past blogs here and here we’ve discussed Microsoft’s role in this next evolution of the grid.


To serve the readership of this blog, I think it’s important to keep you up to date on other interesting developments and events occurring around the Smart Grid build-out.

First, a number of our partners are sponsoring a Smart Grid Road Show that will be presented in Denver, April 6-7, at the Denver Marriott City Center. The special roundtable session will “address the issues around improving and enhancing reliability in the evolving Smart Grid environment. The 90-minute plenary Session will begin with a 30-minute presentation by a key executive of the Electric Power Research Institute, focused on the multifaceted role of reliability in Smart Grid transformation. The presentation, will address various dimensions of reliability across the North American utility landscape including Technology & Innovation, Upgrades & Enhancements, Justification & Investment, Regulation & Enforcement.” Afterwards, a roundtable session of selected experts from the supplier and consulting community will discuss the current and future issues and trends surrounding reliability in the Smart Grid era.

Microsoft partners Accenture, GridPoint, OSIsoft, , Areva, Aclara, Enspiria Solutions are host and corporate sponsors. Areva’s Director of Smart Grid Strategy, Lawrence E. Jones, Ph.D, will speak, along with SUBnet Solutions President Ameen Hamdon.

Secondly,, the new blog news site on Smart Grid developments, has an interesting Stimulus Scorecard that’s worth a look. The scorecard offers different issues that the Department of Energy might consider when making decisions about how to allocate the billions from the stimulus bill. The Scorecard has four major categories, Making Sure Consumers Win, Making Sure Utilities Win, Making Sure the Country Wins, and Making Sure the Planet Wins. It’s an interesting concept, and whether or not you agree with the principles that are presented, it provides a view of the possibilities that are invested in the Smart Grid dream. - Jon Arnold


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