"W8.1 C# Cheat Sheet Vol.1" by Moalla Ilani

After a long experience with new developer students, I have seen some are thirsty for very basic codes to startup their first apps. Some spend hours on search engines to find the codes they need from open source websites, and from professional point of view, being familiar with search engines is a great talent to…


" Tips to shine at MSP Program " by Hassan Shaddad

A Microsoft Student Partner “MSP” should do several activities or duties during the MSP program. But do these duties make him an ideal MSP? The answer is “NO”. There are other activities that should be done to make the MSP ideal and shiny. 1-  Quality not Quantity: MSP should develop several apps each year. But the…


"Graphic Design Briefing Tutorial" by Moalla Ilani

 For Developers who need to build an astonishing design for their apps, but don’t have an idea about professional Graphic Design tools, and for the artist Graphic Designers who don’t have an idea on how to implement their arts to visual studio or MS Blend, I wrote this straight to point tutorial. My experience with graphic…


"Nokia Lumia 1020 – Don’t miss the details" by Noor Ilani

The Nokia Lumia 1020 capture images with more details than any other smartphone, thanks to its staggering 41MP sensor. You get the convenience of a slim, lightweight smartphone with the power and control of professional camera. The Lumia 1020 features PureView technology, six physical ZEISS lenses, optical image stabilization, variable shutter speeds and HD video….


"Quotes that I have learned in MSP Program" by Jaafar Serhan

Who doesn’t like to be famous and valuable sign inside people’s brain !! You might be not sure about being one of them, my advice to you let your dreams reach its maximum level. Live as famous, smart and valuable people at least because you want that and the chance might seem far so as…


"9 Reasons for becoming a Microsoft Student Partner" by Nicolas Zaatar

The Microsoft Student Program is a great way for students to get involved in the world of technology. If you are the kind of person that is asking himself “why should I join the program?” or “what are the benefits of this program?” and you’re still searching for answers you came to the right place!…


"Windows 8.1 Experience" by Moalla Ilani

After winning the Windows 8 Competition at DevCamp Beirut 2013 team Taskey with Izzat Haj Shehadeh, a big thanks for Microsoft Lebanon for the glorious Windows 8.1 Asus T100 Tablet prizes. As a windows phone/windows 8 PC user, a new member (Windows 8 tablet) joined the family and proving Microsoft’s Recipe: One experience for everything in your life…               …


"Nokia’s new phablet – Lumia 1520" by Moalla Ilani

Thanks to Moalla Ilani for the very first post of our blog..  Since November 2011, and Nokia Microsoft partnership are astonishing the world with their amazing Lumia devices, which till now I am not finding a word that can best fit the ground/wall breaking device! And today, Nokia-Windows Phone, in its dominant trends of the…