" Tips to shine at MSP Program " by Hassan Shaddad

A Microsoft Student Partner “MSP” should do several activities or duties during the MSP program. But do these duties make him an ideal MSP?

The answer is “NO”. There are other activities that should be done to make the MSP ideal and shiny.

1-  Quality not Quantity: MSP should develop several apps each year. But the secret is developing quality applications, because this will attract other MSPs, Microsoft leads, and customers. Developing silly applications will ruin your reputation in the app store, because people will
get a negative feedback about your current and future applications that they have never tried; also a negative feedback about you as a developer. Moreover, when developing quality apps, your gain more experience and you will be a mentor or advisor for a lot of new and old MSPs. This will mpress the leads and they may assign you as an MSP lead.


2- Winning Competitions: Another duty is to participate in Microsoft competitions such as Dev Camp, Imagine cup...etc. A normal MSP participates in the competitions just because it’s a must, but the ideal MSP is the one who participate and work hard to win the competitions. 


3- Benefit from online training sessions: A lot of online training sessions are organized and presented by technical evangelists such as WP7 Unity Gaming sessions, WP development sessions, Windows Store development sessions, and Windows Azure sessions…etc. The purpose behind
these sessions is to teach you development skills and new features, so never attend the training session and open Facebook or watch TV. You should concentrate and follow up with the evangelist to make sure you understood everything discussed.


4- Spread you knowledge: The main goal of having Microsoft meetings and events is to highlight about specific features like a program “Visual Studio” or operating system “windows 8.1“ or search engine “Bing”. So make sure you get an idea about everything presented and discussed
in the event in order to present it in front of your family members, friends, and colleagues. Remember that you are a Microsoft ambassador, so you are responsible about everything related to Microsoft and you should be up to date in all your information. Try to present your knowledge through a lot of events in your university; this will help spread Microsoft’s features and news in a correct and trusted way.


5-  Be Challenger: Challenge yourself and do your best to win the challenges. Challenge others to motivate them to work better and break the routine.



6- Be honest and helpful: Never lie to anyone especially the Microsoft leads. Never pretend of having a wide experience in coding. Let your acts define and represent you to the Microsoft leads and not you mouth. Also, helping others and being a collaborative person is a great characteristic in the Ideal MSP. Never keep something that my help others for yourself, but share it with others to help them benefit from it as you did.


7- Build your future: Build your future through the MSP program. This program is your first step towards your future, it’s so important for you to take it seriously because you might end up working in Microsoft. The MSP program teaches you life experience more than codes and syntax; it also helps you deal with different situations that you might face in
the future. This program extends your dreams’ limits and encourages you to achieve your goals.


There are many tips that help you shine as an MSP, but I guess the topics above are the most important. In my opinion, shining in the MSP program is an award, a trophy, for every MSP and for his future, so don’t ever underestimate this program and try always to be the best.


Thank you.



Comments (3)

  1. jaafar serhan says:

    Diffidently it is such  beneficial  post , wish all new MSPs take it into consideration during the program .

    great post dear Hassan 🙂

  2. ziad mansour says:

    nice one Hassan, it is very helpful to become an effective, felicitous, and successful MSP 😉

  3. zakaria darwish says:

    Nice way to list the objective of an msp and and how duties are requested to him very interesting subject good luck my advice to you is inserted in your block "always and always challenge your self " good luck again and thanks to inform us and this blog not only for msp its important also for student who try to be MSP thanks in advance … Good luck again.

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