How To Secure SQL Server Data With Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

It’s not news that data security should always be top-of-mind for DBAs. So, for those of you using SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2, are there information security risks if you’re database files (data and log files) get stolen?  What happens if someone makes off with your database backups?  As part of any Information Security Management System, data security is paramount.  And let’s not forget the implications on Privacy.  As is often stated, “You can have security without privacy, but you can’t privacy without security.” 

Lucky for us, we have Batuhan Yildiz, a Senior Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, who walks us through how to use SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to secure our database assets.  He provides detailed scripts for enabling and removing encryption, and walks us through some very important considerations to take into account when we’re configuring our systems.  Check out his post on How to enable/remove Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

Posted by Frank Battiston, MSPFE Editor

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