Mobile or Cloudy?

Damana (Geek Diva), a developer PFE from Australia, explores how you choose what your next development project target will be:

There are two spaces in the dev world for a dev to touch on right now that can not be ignored. If you do ignore them, you are accepting legacy status within a year.

If you’ve experimented with Windows 8 application development, you’ll know that there are a few major options you can use to build a Windows 8 application – one of which is HTML/JS/CSS. We’ve also recently released an easy Win8 app backend via Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Designing for a mobile platform is as distinct and must be as purposeful as designing for the cloud. You don’t just move code. You don’t just swap out your presentation layer. There are considerations made for user experience on such portable but tiny devices. Then there is how you handle data down and uploads across 3G+. There are many restrictions to grasp but these strong guidelines can be used to quickly build for these platforms, if not fought at every turn.

More at her post Be Mobile or Be Cloudy.

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor and cloud catcher

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