Explore your application to test it with Visual Studio 2012

Continuing their series on new features in Visual Studio 2012, Brad over at the PFE Developer Notes for the Field blog gets into Exploratory Testing:

One of the new features is Exploratory Testing, which allows you to test your software without a pre-defined test or script.  It’s perfect for simply “exploring” your application to see what issues you may encounter.  Exploratory Testing comes with the Test Professional, Premium, and Ultimate editions of VS 2012.

Technically, Exploratory Testing is part of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  In VS2010, one could achieve exploratory testing by filing an exploratory bug in Test Runner.  From there, users/testers could execute unscripted actions until a bug was found.  But in VS2012, exploratory testing is pulled into MTM along with your other tests, plans, suites, tracks, work items, etc.

Looks brilliant, and I had no idea this existed!

I’ve a couple of inherited [read: spaghetti-code] apps which would benefit hugely from this type of free-form testing.

Exploratory testing in MTM allows you to do the following:

  • Pause and resume recording of your exploratory test case
  • Enter comments and screenshots for your exploratory test.  This can help clarify recorded activities in your test.
  • Create a bug
  • Generate a Test Case for the bug you just created

Go read more about it!

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor

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