Moving TFS from Server to Service, on Windows Azure

Grant Holliday is a PFE from Canberra who recently worked with the TFS product group in Redmond. And, like, wrote books on the subject and stuff.

imageRecently I was invited to speak at TechEd 2012 Australia on my experience with building an Internet-scale service on Windows Azure. Rather than focus on the coding aspects which are documented quite comprehensively on MSDN, I focused on the operational aspects that are crucial to running a reliable service.

I attended Grant’s talk at Tech.Ed Australia, and found it hugely interesting. If you’re looking at a product or service you might want to move from on-premises to hosting – whether Azure or another cloud provider – this talk helps identify some of the risks, mindset shifts, and best practices involved with that type of move. I enjoyed it a lot.

Grant’s post is From Server to Service: How Microsoft Moved TFS to Windows Azure .

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor

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