Imagine Cup Software Design

Remember to promote the Imagine Cup Software Design Category to your students.  We will be holding the Australian national finals at our Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference in June which will be in Sydney.  We will fly the 5 national finalists to Sydney to present to a panel of judges.  The winning group will win…


Welcome NZ Faculty

This blog is now extending to our fine academic friends across the Tasman in Kiwiland.  Welcome.


Microsoft Academic Resource Kit

Check out the MS Academic Resource Kit. It has some great resources including: .NET Tools: Programs and utilities for working with .NET technologies. Academic Languages & Compilers Articles & White Papers: Technical publications discussing .NET-related issues. Books: Descriptions, details, and sample chapters from a variety of .NET-related books that may be useful as classroom…


Would you like some beta product and books?

We have SQL Server 2005 beta 2 resource DVD’s available at You can order this at no cost.  If you are interested in some text books on SQL Server 2005 please let us know. Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 will be released shortly, if you would like a copy of this plus a text book please…


Useful Links

The following links may be useful for academics: Microsoft Research Asia Research Areas Microsoft for Students Curriculum Repository for Teaching Materials – very useful! Online Seminars from Microsoft – offers interactive training .NET Developer Jumpstart training sessions If you have any good links you would like to recommend let us…


The Launch of the Microsoft Australia Academic Blog

  You asked for it and now we have it – the official MSOZACADEMIC blog for Faculty!  It was great to meet everyone at the recent Faculty lunch.  Just to recap on the 2005 programs: Imagine Cup 2005 MSDNAA Faculty Program Online Course Repository Student Ambassadors The Student Prizes Guest…