Want something fun to do this summer?

With University and High School exams nearly over, you are fast approaching the holiday period which means a few months of doing ummm not much… The Imagine Cup is a great way to kill some time and take part in an amazing competition + be in the running for some really cool prizes including $$$.

The the theme for this years Imagine Cup competition is quite broad and encapsulates the UN’s Millennium Development Goals which include ending Poverty and Hunger, Environmental Sustainability, Gender Equality, Universal education and more. With such broad themes and categories (8 competition categories) for the Imagine Cup, you can feel comfortable entering the competition on your own terms and abilities.

Round 1 for all categories except Software Design ends March 1 2009 (Software Design Round 1 ends March 27 2009). So be sure to enter the competition soon. For more information check out the Imagine Cup website.

The Australian Imagine Cup website will be launched within 2 weeks also so stay tuned for that!!!

Check out this cool video from the Imagine Cup competition below


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