Finding Imagine Cup teammates through Facebook

Cross Posted from my Imagine Cup blog

Imagine Cup is the world's premier technology competition just for university students - unless you've just discovered my blog, you would probably know that already, because I have been banging on incessantly about it like a man obsessed for a couple of months now 😀

I've had a whole bunch of emails from people who are having major difficulty in finding teammates for the Software Design and XNA Games categories of Imagine Cup. I've been able to link a few people together, but it's actually quite hard to take complete strangers and try to get them to work on a project together over email alone. As such, I've set up a facebook group so you can find others in your area who might also be looking for teammates and try to form teams. I'd do it on the Australian forums at, but those forums have not been particularly widely used and I know for sure most of you guys are on facebook from Mix ON Campus. This will also hopefully be a good icebreaker so you can meet face to face when we have Imagine Cup launch events later this month / early next month (rest assured they are still happening, I just got sick at the end of last year and had to take some time out).

The group can be found at My only condition is that this is for Australian entrants only. It's open for anyone to join.

By the way, for those entering the Software Design category, if you submit your project proposal before 10th January, you receive a Microsoft promotional prize pack to reward starting work on your project early. More details can be found at You can submit the project proposal here.

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