25GB Free Online storage with SkyDrive

SkyDrive offers free ‘cloud’ storage to anyone with a windows Live ID (if you already have a hotmail email address, then you have a Live ID), recently SkyDrive increased its storage capacity from 5GB per user to 25GB. Once you upload your content to SkyDrive, you can access that information from any web browser! This…


Want something fun to do this summer?

With University and High School exams nearly over, you are fast approaching the holiday period which means a few months of doing ummm not much… The Imagine Cup is a great way to kill some time and take part in an amazing competition + be in the running for some really cool prizes including $$$….


Microsoft’s Virtual Storage Centre

With the release of Microsoft Azure and all the talk around cloud services, you start to wonder where this mass amount of data is going to be stored? is it really in the cloud? The BBC recently reported on one of Microsoft’s Virtual Storage Centres. Check out the video here. The centre houses hundreds of…


Dreamspark 2.0 Released!

The Latest version of the Dreamspark has been released- Dreamspark 2.0. The first thing you notice is the cosmetic upgrade to the Dreamspark website. The cool new visuals and clear information which make it really easy to navigate through the site. The choice of software hasn’t changed much, I took a screenshot of the list…


Live Mesh Mac Client Now Available

With the official release of Live Mesh Beta last week, there have been some small improvements to the overall application, including a new Mac Client. People with Mac computers can now enjoy the benefits of Live Mesh including 5GB of cloud storage and take advantage of synchronisation between their Macs and other devices. The list…


Small Basic for Beginner Developers

Small Basic has been designed specifically for novice developers. The easy to use programming language allows beginners to get a clear understanding of the fundamentals of programming and have lots of fun on the way. Small Basic is available for download- Click here. Also check out the Small Basic Blog and Small Basic forums for…


‘Liberation Day’- Microsoft CEO visiting Sydney

Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer will be in Sydney on the 6th of November presenting at a one-off event designed specifically for the Australian developer community. Ballmer, a long time advocate and supporter of the global developer community will look to inspire and inform the audience on the latest developments taking place in the developer space…


Atomic Live 2008

The team at Atomic Magazine are back with a bigger and better Atomic Live this year. What is Atomic Live 2008?  Atomic LIVE 2008 is an all-day PC, gaming and tech fun-fest, put on for you to catch up on the latest technological innovations from global market leaders, win cool prizes play computer games, learn…


Microsoft China is visiting Australia

Microsoft China is coming to Australia! Microsoft is a global enterprise with different subsidiaries specialising in various aspects of the business. China holds the second largest Research and Development Centre for Microsoft after the U.S. Enwei Xie, the General Manager for Microsoft China, will be coming to Australia to discuss the exciting opportunities available in…


Are you a DEVSTA?

What’s DevSta? The Devsta {Challenge 2008} is a coding comp for Australian developers. Whether you’re a professional or amateur coder, you are invited to compete for the glorious title of DevSta! The competition has a very exciting surprise element to it. How does the competition work? No one knows what they will be ask to…