(What could be) Australia’s first XNA2.0 beta demo in Melbourne tomorrow.

OK, as many of you will know, 'Mix On Campus' is going down in Melbourne tomorrow from 10am to 4pm. Why would you know this? Because it's all that I've been harping on about of late (you can get more details here).

Anyway, amongst our esteemed guest presenters is Glenn Wilson, XNA / DirectX MVP and all round good guy (he took a day of personal leave just to present at Mix On Campus. Knowing how much developers can charge out these days, and knowing that Glenn has just forsaken such an amount to present for free at our event, I'd like to say a massive 'thanks' to him for coming on board.)

But I digress - in Glenn's presentation tomorrow, we have what we believe could be Australia's (and maybe the world's) first official XNA Games Studio 2.0 beta demo in Australia going down as part of the day's festivities (the beta was released mid last week, so of course we have no way of telling if it is indeed Australia's first, but I'm going to claim it because it makes things so much more exciting.) I'm looking forward to seeing what has changed since v1.0, and what Glenn has been able to do with it in the 2 weeks he has had to play...

Also, whilst on the topic of XNA Games Studio, don't forget there's an XNA Games Development category to Imagine Cup this year. You can go in the draw to win a trip to France, cash prizes and if you register on the website and pinky swear to submit a final entry, you'll score an invite to one of the many Imagine Cup launch parties going down all around Australia later this year / earlier next year.

In other Mix On Campus news, I flew down from Sydney to Melbourne for tomorrow's festivities, and am unfortunately sleeping on a friend's floor tonight after discovering my credit card has had some funny activity and did not have enough credit for me to check into my hotel (the 'funny activity' is nothing dodgy though, I just wish that Brisbane car rental places and hotels would unfreeze the credit on my card a bit quicker - it's now been a week since I left Brisbane) . Now on three, everybody feel sorry for me. Ready. 1.....2.....

- Nick

Comments (3)

  1. Daryl Teo says:

    Thanks for the event! Pity I did not get the Xbox 360 🙁 I am heartbroken. But overall I feel I did benefit from the event!



  2. Khai Hoang says:

    Thanks for the great event Nick, I really did enjoy it. Sorry about your credit card mishap, could be worst though you could have been sleeping with roaches in Sydney instead. So where are all the free stuff you mention? hehehe no I kid. Looking forward to your next events.

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    No worries – I had a good time,and I’m glad you guys did too, despite the few hickups we had… some people were bored by it, but the world first XNA 2.0 demo was a highlight for me!

    And sleeping on the floor is actually not that bad. I was just being precious 🙂

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