Sidebar Gadget competition winners – "Sidebar Named Desire"

Ever thrown one of those parties where you feel like you've completely failed and no one RSVP'd and you were generally just down on yourself over the whole deal?

No? Oh, er, well me neither then (ahem)...

My "Sidebar Named Desire" Sidebar Gadget contest could very well have been such a party, though, but everyone turned up at the eleventh hour uploading their entries just before the competition deadline, October 31st.

Winners are as follows:

People's choice - People's Choice was awarded to the entry that got the highest number of downloads, and given that there was a large number of late uploads - 'Cometfish' developed a gadget that allows you to keep up to date on what your favourite Si-Mi artist has been doing on the site. To the victor goes the spoils, so to Cometfish goes A Visual Studio backpack filled with a whole bunch of Microsoft swag.

Judges Choice - This was a tough one - there was some really good entries there. Discussion with colleagues on the best gadget left us with a winner by a nose... Judge's Choice goes to Matthew Rowan, who developed a Bluetooth Auto-Lockout gadget, so when you move away from your computer and your bluetooth device goes out of range, your computer automatically locks. I'd seen a tutorial on this before, but had never seen one in action, so great work Matt. 

Of course, all entries in the competition get a prize, seeing as how we only had 8 gadgets up there in the end. But congratulations to all who submitted a gadget - I have absolutely no reservations in giving prizes out to all the entries - all of them were cool. 

Si-Mi is a great site that makes sure artists and content creators get paid for their skills, rather than the owners of so-called 'Web2.0' sites getting paid. Buy a gadget and support your local developers at

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  1. Thanks! I have posted about my Gadget here!CCB05A30BCA0FF01!133.entry

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