‘Mix On Campus’ is go!!

Every year, students and lecturers ask for tickets to Tech.Ed and Remix, and we sadly don't have enough free tickets to go around. My team got to thinking - this was a pretty terrible situation, so I started asking around the Microsoft office in Sydney and got some budget and the go ahead to run a very special kind of 'industry' event. Now around 5 months in the making, and covering 3 cities in 10 days, Mix On Campus promises to be pretty nuts!

Mix On Campus is Australia's (and I think maybe even the world's 😀 ) ONLY web design and web developer event that is just for university students and lecturers. And it's going to be great fun.

Check out the event blog here, and follow the links to register for the event. You can also invite your Facebook contacts to come along, with the following links:

Sydney - 30/11/07 - http://anuedu.facebook.com/event.php?eid=19913379552

Melbourne - 26/11/07 - http://anuedu.facebook.com/event.php?eid=6023016303

 Brisbane - 20/11/07 - http://anuedu.facebook.com/event.php?eid=6719041517

The full agenda, including speaker sessions, will be up on the blog in the next couple of days. Hope to see you all there, and help us make history with the first ever Mix On Campus! I'm hoping this can be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. Daniel Paoliello says:


    Only in the Eastern States…

    Perth is left out again…

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Yes, sorry Daniel 🙁 You raise a good point though.

    Depending on how many Western Australians I get signed up to Imagine Cup, I might be able to justify flying over and bringing some of the lads with to throw a ‘mini-event’ sometime over the Christmas break.

  3. Anthony Truong says:

    Can you remind me what I have to mention when purchasing the microsoft office ultimate 2007 (itsnotcheating promotion) to be able to win the reward. I lost the card. Sorry!! ;(

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Anthony – OK, I’ve been given very strict instructions to point you to the website <www.itsnotcheating.com.au>on December 3rd, which is I think when the competition officially begins. Not sure why I can’t supply you with an answer, but it probably has something to do with making sure there’s no unfair advantages 😀

    Hope that helps – Nick

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