"Microsoft-related employment is 42% of global IT employment"

It's an amazing figure, but true, according to an IDC paper released yesterday. 

The whitepaper, entitled "The Economic Impact of IT, Software and the Microsoft Ecosystem on the Global Environment", is a VERY interesting read. Of course, with the paper being sponsored by Microsoft (and we being who we be) there's a section about how our company contribute to the global industry and world economies. But don't let that detract from the fact that this is a well-researched paper written by a neutral third party, and gives a good snapshot of where the global IT industry is at the moment, and where it seems to be heading.

Click here to read the article (I did have a massive analysis of the paper and stats included therein here, but couldn't decide where to stop typng 🙂 so decided to delete it and leave it to you all to consider.)


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