Luke Drumm presents XNA Games Studio at UNSW

Luke Drumm's a great guy. And he's also a senior consultant for Readify, who just so happen to be one of the top .NET consultancies and training firms in Australia. Luke's also a game developer hobbyist, and has presented at Tech.Ed and Australian Code Camp on Microsoft XNA Games Studio.

Luke Drumm, Luke Drumm, Luke Drumm. Before I sound too much like a stalker, I need to point out that my glowing intro of Luke is actually going somewhere  Luke volunteered his very valuable time to show a group of around 50 UNSW students how to build XBOX 360 and Windows games on XNA last month. There were a number of students who didn't get a chance to come along to the demo session, so I recorded the session for them, and with Luke's blessings put it up online. It's split into 2 due to Soapbox's 100mb filesize limit.

Video: Luke Drumm pt1

Video: Luke Drumm pt2

NB - Luke is not a Microsoft employee, and what he says and does here does not necessarily represent the official Microsoft POV (but most of it does :D). BTW, you can download XNA Games Studio Express for free here, and you can download Visual Studio Express editions for free here.

Oh, and did I hear whispers that Readify would be getting involved in theSoftware design category of the Australian Imagine Cup this year? Hmm, a .NET consultancy and training firm - how could they possibly contribute to Imagine Cup? Subscribe to this blog for more news as it happens.

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