Students always miss out on the good events…

Students always miss out on the good events. It's true - Tech.Ed, ReMix etc are almost always too expensive for students to afford unless we send them as Microsoft Student Partners. Sure, a lecturer might get the odd invite to these events as special guests, but students generally miss out.  But I have a type of's a bit of a gamble on my behalf (untested waters), but if it goes well, it'll become a yearly thing.

In mid October, I'm looking at running a series of web design events in Australian universities. Rather than conduct a bunch of smaller presentations in a larger number of universities like we so often do, I want to hold one larger event per capital city on the east coast - Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. And above all, I want to make this something to get excited about. So I'm looking for universities with strong web design and web dev backgrounds to help us host the event.

What your university gets if you help us host:

1 -Your university will receive double the amount of invitations to the event than the other universities in your area (100 invites compared to the 50 invites other unis will get)

2 - Your campus gets to be the centre of attention.

3 - I'll also throw in a free one year subscription of the new Designer-AA product for the design school of the university that helps us host the event. This means that your university will have free access to Windows Vista, Expression web design suite, Visual Studio, MS Project 2007 and a host more software and curriculum. Students  in Visualisation, Illustration, Desin or Art courses can install this software on their personal computers free of charge and the software can also be installed in all labs used by these students. (If a computing science school helps us out, I'm sure I can rustle up something to reward them)

All I ask in return

1- lecture hall that can hold around 300-400 students for just over half a day

2- for you to agree to let other universities from around your city come along and have fun ;). 

The Event

"Mix in the Campus" (thats what the events will be called) is like a trimmed down version of ReMix. It'll give web dev and web design students a chance to come and check out the latest web design offerings from our company, talk to creative agencies in their area about job opportunities, network with design students from other universities and hopefully learn some new skills while you're there. I'm going for the backyard bbq vibe, so hopefully everyone can relax, make some new contacts, widen their horizons and have fun.

If you want to help make this event something memorable, drop me an email here. It would be best if we got a university that was centrally located and easily accessible by public transport. It doesn't matter if you're a student or a faculty member, I'm excited to hear from anyone who can help us make this event happen by helping out or volunteering a lecture hall for a day...

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew says:

    Wow! 🙂 so this is more of design or developement event? what type of presentations/sessions are we looking at?

    What is school of design’s role in this?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Hey Andrew! Hows things?

    It would be of interest to both designers and developers.

    I’m looking for designs schools to help host because I think they’d be more into the content, but if there’s some CS or engineering schools out there who are equally as stoked on hosting such an event and the students are interested, I’m not one to be fussy 😉

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