Announcing XNA Games Studio 2.0

In my travels to various universities, a few people (students and academics alike) have commented on some of the 'missing' capabilities of XNA Express - stuff they'd like to see or thought was a bit of an omission. Some of these points were warranted, but hey, it's an express version (i.e. it's free). The problem was, the express version was the only market offering. Well, at the Imagine Cup world finals in Korea earlier this month, I ran into Jean-Luc David, Canadian developer evangelist for MS and part of the team that delighted uni students all over northern america with the XNA Game Camps. Jean-Luc told me that a full version of XNA was scheduled to be announced at Gamefest in the U.S. Needless to say, this peaked my interest - all I'd ever seen was the Express version.

Well, now it's official - XNA Games Studio 2.0 has been announced at the XNA Team Blog, and features a more wholistic offering for game developers. See whats new / what's evolved at

Now, if I can only make sure it's added into MSDN-AA.

On  a side note, Imagine Cup has an XNA games development category nex year - the Imagine Cup 2008 site has already launched, and registrations for the cpompetition are open as of Monday 27th August. The world finals take place at the end of July next year, so it's a good idea to get cracking now!

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