Learn .NET in Second Life

A few questions every person should ask themself:

- Can a beast with the head of a ram and the body of a man use Visual Studio

- Is it possible to travel to a tech seminar attended by industry leaders by using levitation? (It's much better than driving - levitation emits zero emissions) 

- Is it possible to make learning software development / computing science more 'accessible' to a younger generation?

The answer to all of these is (surprisingly) "YES"! I know alot of universities are adopting some really progressive ways of teach computing science, and we (Microsoft) have just launched a new initiative that might be able to help teach .NET development. Whilst it is not designed specifically for tertiary education use, Visual Studio Island in Secondlife is a great way to add an extra dimension to learning new .NET / Visual Studio skills.

A range of guest presentations will be delivered on Visual Studio Island - Amanda Silver will be kicking things off on 31/07/07 (PST) with a talk on working with Silverlight and VB.NET. A number of Microsoft'ees and professional developers will periodically deliver content after this. It's sure to be a hit with the 'digitally emersed' developers out there.

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