Windows 6 month vulnerability reports released

Here's a lovely story to tell the Vista fan boys to help them sleep tight at night - the Vista 6 Month Vulnerability reports have been released, and Windows Vista is safer than Mac OSX 10.4, Ubuntu, Novell AND Windows XP. (Gotta love that we've got finally got something concrete to smile smuggly about when those Mac ads show - I love OSX too, BTW)

 You can read the full vulnerability report HERE. If you are interested in seeing what makes Vista so secure, good luck!

No, I'm kidding of course. Windows kernel (for XP, Vista not released) is actually available through your school's MSDNAA subscription (to properly verified staff members), so if you're teaching an OS subject, it might be worth logging into your school's MSDNAA account and having a squiz around. Makes the perfect complementer to a Unix OS course by highlighting different ways of doing essentially the same thing.


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