Do you need Industry Projects in 2007?

We would like to link our Microsoft Partner community with local universities.  Do you offer a course which needs projects from industry for students?  Let us know and we will let our Partners know.  Please send through the details of your course to


UPDATE: Windows Vista RTM Status in MSDNAA

There have been issues with product keys availability in MSDNAA.  But we have a workaround here locally. If you would like Windows Vista RTM for your MSDNAA department, please get your MSDNAA administrator to email with the following information:- MSDNAA Subscriber ID – Your MSDNAA Administrator mailing address- How many machines you intend to…


Windows Vista RTM available in MSDNAA

Windows Vista RTM is now available for MSDNAA subscribers.  Please contact your MSDNAA administrator for more information. If your department would like to subscribe to MSDNAA please register at www.msdnaa.netMSDNAA provides you with the software and tools you need to teach your students the latest concepts in software and database design, architecture, coding, and testing.  MSDNAA…