Microsoft Corporate looking for top technology graduates

Soon Microsoft will be in Australia interviewing interested and qualified candidates for software development positions working on our major products in the US at our corporate headquarters. If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, please have them send their resume/cv to the email

What are the roles available?
Software Development Engineer - Writes product code and solves complex problems. Proficient in C/C++. "You come in every morning and check up on what you've built the night before, see if you've broken anything, or if you've got any bugs to take care of. Right now I'm working on three different design features, so I've got maybe three status meetings a week to check in with everybody--the testers, the developers, the Program Managers, and together we figure out what we need to do. The core of my job is designing new features and figuring out how to get them to work. I loved that you could pursue an idea seriously in college and have other people around to talk to about it. I wanted to stay in a place like that. And Microsoft turned out to be that place."

Qualifications: A BA/BS or a graduate degree in computer science or related technical discipline. Strong coding skills, proficiency in C/C++, vision, and a passion for technical excellence.

Software Development Engineer in Test - Creates tools to test and improve products. Proficient in C/C++/C#. So what exactly is it? A Software Design Engineer in Test is a developer who designs, develops, and maintains automation systems-often expandable suites containing multiple automation programs-to be used by the development and test teams. They are responsible for utilizing innovative test technologies to develop a product's testing strategy, and for facilitating the creation and execution of automated test suites across a diverse set of technologies. They look at source code for potential problems using Microsoft internal tools. They also reproduce, debug, and isolate problems, and verify fixes.

Qualifications: A BA/BS or graduate degree in computer science, electrical engineering or related technical discipline. Strong coding skills, proficiency in C/C++/C#, Visual Basic experience, and a relentless attention to detail. There are multiple positions open, so please share the information with someone as good as you are. All positions are at our corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA. We do require functional level English language skills, written and spoken.

Who is a qualified candidate?
* Someone that has very strong abilities to write code in C/C++
* Someone that is very driven and passionate about technology, desiring to make software products that will go all over the world
* Someone who holds a 4 year BS/BA degree or a higher graduate degree, or who will receive one within a year.

Comments (9)

  1. davkean says:

    Hmm…Australia doesn’t have 4 year degrees, most degrees are only 3, including BS and BA. Also what about Bachelor of Computing?

  2. tahn says:

    are you sure? i am studying software engineering at QUT and our degrees are 4 years long

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    US work permit restricts Microsoft to hiring international folks with a 4 year degree, or a three year degree and a minimum of three years of work experience.  Not a Microsoft rule, a US government rule.

  4. Eric says:

    Hi, I got a four years degree in a non-it displine, but four and half years IT work experience (C/C++), and doing a Master of IT(coursework) in QUT. Would that be alright?

  5. Tang says:

    Can I ask when is the closing date for the application? Is it open to the graduates only?

  6. Hi folks, I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile.  Microsoft Corp will be in Australia looking…

  7. Berno says:

    Limited with a 3 years Computing degree? Why not consider Honours or Masters degree?

    There is no closing date to apply but please send in your resume as soon as possible. The Corp recruiters are coming in Oct.

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