XNA Games Studio Express Announced!

Microsoft will be releasing a new set of tools called XNA Games Studio Express based on the XNA platform for games development.  The great thing about this is you will be able to develop games to use on your own Xbox 360 in your living room!

XNA Game Studio Express will be available for free to anyone with a Windows® XP-based PC and will provide them with Microsoft’s next-generation platform for game development.

Check out the press release at

If you are currently teaching a course on games development in Australia and interested in using these new tools for your teaching as well as support from Microsoft Australia please email netoz@microsoft.com


Comments (2)

  1. liujj-xujj says:

    How can I download

  2. Heops says:

    XNA Game Studio Express… what a fantastic way to MS to open up for anyone interested in game development.

    I do hope that this is just a start of a HUGE avalanche of new and creative games and development teams… hitting a somewhat stale -next-gen- game scene…    

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