Australian researchers develop fastest ever wireless link

From Queensland Business ReviewThe CSIRO ICT Centre has announced a new wireless system able to send and recieve six gigabytes of information per second. As an example the entire works of Shakespeare could be transmitted over this six gigabit link in under seven thousandths of a second or a full DVD movie in just over…


Upsurge in IT Courses in Australia

“THERE has been a surge in demand from students eager to enrol in information technology courses at university next year. The revival comes after years of falling student interest following the dotcom crash of 2000 that forced many IT companies to go broke. Figures from the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) show a 60 per cent…


Vista NOW available in MSDNAA

The following is from the MSDNAA subscribers download section:Attention MSDN Academic Alliance MembersWe are pleased to announce that Windows Vista Business Edition is now available here for download! Windows Vista also will be included in your MSDN AA subscription shipment in January 2007.


Do you need Industry Projects in 2007?

We would like to link our Microsoft Partner community with local universities.  Do you offer a course which needs projects from industry for students?  Let us know and we will let our Partners know.  Please send through the details of your course to


UPDATE: Windows Vista RTM Status in MSDNAA

There have been issues with product keys availability in MSDNAA.  But we have a workaround here locally. If you would like Windows Vista RTM for your MSDNAA department, please get your MSDNAA administrator to email with the following information:- MSDNAA Subscriber ID – Your MSDNAA Administrator mailing address- How many machines you intend to…


Windows Vista RTM available in MSDNAA

Windows Vista RTM is now available for MSDNAA subscribers.  Please contact your MSDNAA administrator for more information. If your department would like to subscribe to MSDNAA please register at www.msdnaa.netMSDNAA provides you with the software and tools you need to teach your students the latest concepts in software and database design, architecture, coding, and testing.  MSDNAA…


Microsoft Research working on Mobile Social Networking

Some interesting work going into the field of mobile social networking.  Users can pinpoint each others locations, share photos and send instant messages via their mobile.  Story hereSLAM software is available for download here


IT Sexy again

Good article in SMH about how IT is picking up again Olivier Group director Robert Olivier said that the IT industry leaped ahead during the month after steadily gaining ground over the last few months. “Technology once again is becoming the sort of sexy industry it was in the late ’90s,” he said.


Register for Ready Summit 2006 – Get Ready for Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007

Learn about the new upcoming technologies from Microsoft whether your interested in offering as a component in your course or just generally interested.  Sydney – Thursday 2nd NovemberBrisbane – Wednesday 8th NovemberPerth – Friday 10th NovemberMelbourne – Wednesday 15th NovemberAdelaide – Tuesday 28th NovemberCanberra – Wednesday 29th NovemberClick here to Register


XNA Games Studio Express (Beta) available for Download

XNA Game Studio Express enables individuals and small teams to more easily create video games using new, optimized cross-platform gaming libraries for Windows and Xbox 360. This beta release targets the development of games for Windows. The final version of XNA Game Studio Express will be available this holiday season and will enable development of…