Microsoft Academic Resource Kit

Check out the MS Academic Resource Kit.

It has some great resources including:

  • .NET Tools: Programs and utilities for working with .NET technologies.
  • Academic Languages & Compilers
  • Articles & White Papers: Technical publications discussing .NET-related issues.
  • Books: Descriptions, details, and sample chapters from a variety of .NET-related books that may be useful as classroom or self-study resources.
  • Full-Length Courses
  • Hands-On Labs
  • Presentations: PowerPoint slideshows from a variety of resources.
  • Sample Applications
  • Standardization Efforts
  • Talks & Lectures: Audio and video presentations.
  • Technologies: Descriptions of the various .NET-related technologies.
  • Tutorials & Workshops

Please note that the contents for this resource were originally developed for CD ROM.

Let us know what you think about this kit.

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