The Launch of the Microsoft Australia Academic Blog


You asked for it and now we have it - the official MSOZACADEMIC blog for Faculty!  It was great to meet everyone at the recent Faculty lunch.  Just to recap on the 2005 programs:

You can make a Difference

We have just recently launched this program.  It is a worldwide scholarship contest for high school/secondary school students (ages 14-18)


To apply, students propose an idea for how they would like to use technology to help a charity (they do not actually have to implement the idea to apply).  10 worldwide finalists (5 females, 5 males) will be selected and each will receive US$5,000 to be divided up as follows:

  • US$1,500 budget to implement the project
  • US$2,500 scholarship
  • US$1,000 donation to the studentโ€™s high school


For more information please visit


If you have a RSS Reader please use the following feed


Please keep in touch and leave some feedback!  For those first 6 faculty members who leave us feedback will recieve some cool Microsoft product.  The first 2 will recieve a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse with Tilt Wheel and a copy of Digital Image Suite 10 the next 4 will recieve a copy of Plus! Digital Media Edition


See you soon,

Pradeepa de Silva(Deeps).

Comments (15)

  1. Andrew Cain says:

    Looks good…

    What information do you plan to release via this bog?

  2. Xiang Li says:

    well, I do not know how to leave feedback exactly as your mentioned in your post.

    But I did attend the program and it is an excellent on and have broadened my knowledge on how microsoft deal with security.

    Xiang Li


  3. Clint says:

    Does Microsoft have anything similar to the Apple University Consortium (AUC)? It does a great job of encouraging use of Apple technologies in tertiary institutions through grants of software, hardware and so forth.

  4. Xiang Li says:

    Looks good ๐Ÿ™‚ and a nice conference

  5. Xiang Li says:

    Well, looks good ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried several times but could not post ๐Ÿ™

  6. This is a great new blog!

    What’s happened to MSDN Subscriptions for students? I can’t find the academic pricing anywhere and my school doesn’t have (nor wants to get) a MSDNAA subscription, and there is no way I could afford a full MSDN subscription.

  7. Edelvays Spassov says:

    What a great idea! Finally, a symbiosis between the strongest commercial IT company and the academics. I will be looking forward to reading numerous interesting ideas and

    technology exchange on this blog.

  8. Pradeepa de Silva says:

    What info are we looking to release? Info relevant to you around research, teaching, programs etc. Also we want to notify you of offers for Faculty and Students.

    AUC? Looks like a good program from Apple, we do have the MSDNAA program in which most tertiary institutes across ANZ are part of.

  9. Frank Arrigo says:


    the url for the feed should be changed to

  10. Chris Auld says:

    *pokes funny faces*

    Good to see you blogging mate!

  11. Sean McBreen says:


    Let’s make this ANZ not just A. Faculty have similar interests across the Tasman ๐Ÿ˜‰

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