Must fight urge to do "year in review 2008" post.

Look, I have lots of regrets and at the same time I have heaps of wins, above all, I did what I could, and where it counted the most. Going forward, I just want to spend more time working with .NET developers & designers whom want to succeed in WPF & Silverlight more than before….


How to: Make Innerglows with Expression Blend.

I’m knee deep in a WPF project i’m writing for my team. I had the need today to have an innerglow, and noticed that we seem to have forgotten this little BitmapEffect of goodness (which I’ll be promptly hassling Jon tomorrow for in the next revision). That being said, as stubborn as I am I…


Silverlight Experiment: Create a PullDown Menu using Storyboards.

This is a basic example of how to create a "PullDown Menu" using Silverlight and Expression Blend. The Objectives The GUI will have a PullDown Menu (UserControl) under the main outer chrome. It’s intended that when a user clicks on the "MainMenu" it will not only change state, but animate down or up (depending on…


Learning Maya and the side lessons i’ve learnt.

I shopped around a lot in the past 5 months as I’ve wanted to get back into 3D modelling for quite some time. Given my day to day life is Microsoft, I needed a non-Microsoft hobby – mainly to keep me partially sane. I began to research what software out there can cater to my…


RIA: 10 Questions on Icon Design – I ask our Microsoft Design folks to respond.

I have an Icon fetish that is disturbingly wrong. In that I collect them, horde them and will happily spend Microsoft’s good hard earned money on as many of them as I can find – if allowed. Yet, what makes Icon’s so special? in that why do they enhance an applications user interface to the…


Finding that sweet spot between RIA and Desktop.

I’ve posted a bit on trust, around prescribing the rationale around why RIA (Rich Interactive Application) is an effective solution – yet – I’ve not decomposed the approach on when to use RIA vs Desktop. It’s a pretty easy decision really, you first have to figure out where you want to go with your proposed solution. In…


Clawing our way beyond the browser.

RIA (Rich Interactive Applications) have this approach that’s quite unique, in that they kind of want to sit with fingers in both barrels. On one hand, they want to stay within the browser whilst on other hand they want to breach the browser and live on the desktop. It’s a hard nut to crack as…


RIA and Search Engines.

 The latest annoyance with RIA (Rich Interactive Applications) these days (not wide-spread thankfully) is how they aren’t really suitable for search engine’s such as Google. There’s a reason for this and it’s simply put, they aren’t web pages. They aren’t documents, and furthermore they aren’t worth indexing. That being said the data that they connect to,…


RIA is a belief, Silverlight is the execution.

I interact a lot around discussions in the Rich Interactive/Internet Application (RIA) space. I read as much as I can on it and keep tabs on what I find interesting around theories associated to RIA. I also engage folks whom never have even heard the acronym RIA and it’s interesting conversation to have as how…


FREE WPF – in person – Training.

I’m going back through a few emails I received when I first started with Microsoft, with “Where can I get training on WPF”. Chuck has organized a FREE day of training to any or whom want to attend, provided you can donate from $1 – whatever you want to the Red Shield Drought Appeal (hey…