7000 Updates and still tweeting just as strong..

Tonight, I watched my twitter stats hit a nice rounded out number..freaky… How insane is that.. all rounded out in lots of 10. In light of this occasion I dedicated my 7000th tweet to Mr Tim Heuer as i think he’s been doing an amazing job with the Silverlight community since day 1 of our…

The Silverlight Team are twittering now..

  I’ve just spent the past couple of days enticing my fellow Silverlight Team members to embrace twitter more (@teamsilverlight). It’s been a bit of an uphill battle to be honest as whilst some pro Social Media folks will cast a glazed confused look, one must also remember that not everyone enjoys the splendor of…


My career is about to take a turn..

Waiting on some legalities, but stay tuned as I have some news that will shock some and have others nodding in agreement. It’s not what you think and it’s everything you didn’t think. I will say this, this new career change will have a definite world wide impact. Scott Out.


I twittered my daughters birth.

I’m such a geek, yet I found the experience of twittering my daughters birth to be actually quite fun in a unique way. The reason being was that I was going through an experience that all expecting fathers go through, where we are essentially playing the waiting game while the mothers carry out the hard…


Twitter is changing perception about Microsoft.

I’ve watched Microsoft like most for many years. I first noticed a change in our behavior when folks within the company would start blogging. It gave us in many ways a focal point of interest around various products and it was how I first stumbled upon Scott Guthrie in the early days (via his blog)….


Tech.Ed (AU) ownz your Movieworld.

It’s getting close kids, the Tech.Ed has finally arrived this week and and it’s my first. Yes, hard to believe but this will be my first ever Tech.Ed and I’m looking forward to what’s on offer to one and all. I’ve managed to worm my way out of any real work associated to the event,…

Scoble needed Silverlight today.

I’m sitting here tonight watching the “Twitter Video” which is basically Robert Scoble interviewing the folks at Twitter.com Anyway, I noticed the “buffering..” (See Image) overlay was stuck, maybe it was a bug whom knows but it was starting to get annoying as I found it distracting “get out of the way” I thought. I clicked…


We gave birth to RIA.

Adobe’s Mike Downey and I were throwing comments back and forth on twitter.com this morning, it was derived from Brad Becker (ex Flash Product guy @ Macromedia and now Microsoft staffer) post on RIA. Brad posted this a few months ago when JD @ Adobe got all fired up over Rich Interactive Applications vs Rich…


ReMIX Australia was fun.

I’ve been thinking of what to say around our first ReMIX, and the one thing I can settle on was that it was fun. I got to speak with a lot of folks whom are very keen to takeup the Expression Studio world and see what it can do, and aren’t afraid to dive in…


I forgive you Twitter.com

 Twitter.com is one of these amazing creations that get’s away with a lot, namely its constant crashing or going offline whenever I’m the most bored. At the moment, I’m busy installing the never-ending cycle of World of Warcraft Patches (I re-installed it.. I regret that decision) and thought, why not kill the install blues away…