Putting the Rich in RIA : User Account Profiles.

A User Account Today. Typically when you set out to build a RIA, you look at what data you’re about to keep about a persons account. In that obviously "Username, Password and Email" are three key pieces of information you need to begin.  The rest is the other metadata associated to an account, and in…


Usage Metrics in your RIA

Inspiration comes from Games. I was at MIX ON CAMPUS (Brisbane) today and I was listening to one of our guest speakers (Ross Brown) talk about about some of the projects / research his students are doing with regards to games. One part of this session that really caught my interest was the metrics associated…


POC #1 – Project Harmony (pt1) (Silverlight & Flash)

I’ve been enjoying the overall experience of what Silverlight has to offer since I started with Microsoft back in January 07. That being said, I’ve often been an internal "goto" person at times for some Flash advice on behalf of Microsoft customers around the world. In light of this, recently I also encountered a situation…


Writing Proof of Concept RIA’s

When you sit down one night and decide to road-test a theory or an idea you have, then a Proof of Concept (POC) is something you should consider. That being said, when you do decide to write a POC knowing the difference between when you are writing a POC vs Application is something you can…


RIA: 10 Questions on Icon Design – I ask our Microsoft Design folks to respond.

I have an Icon fetish that is disturbingly wrong. In that I collect them, horde them and will happily spend Microsoft’s good hard earned money on as many of them as I can find – if allowed. Yet, what makes Icon’s so special? in that why do they enhance an applications user interface to the…


Rich Interactive Applications.

I just finished a blog post by James Ward (by far the best Evangelist Adobe have today) and it was a bloody good post, so much so, it helped me formulate this post (inspiration can come from many things I guess). “I was a young man with uninformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering…


AdvertBoy is quite unique in his approach with Silverlight.

I stumbled upon AdvertBoy’s blog tonight and I’m impressed with his approach in using Silverlight. He impresses me because he’s looking around at what he see’s as being "Cool" and then tries to emulate this via Silverlight. This is a good thing as if with more and more RIA Producer’s approaching Silverlight like this, we…


RIA can change context.

Context is when you look at a situation from a perspective and generally fall into a predefined segment. In that, if I look at say Microsoft Word, my context of use is to read a document – yet others may use word to construct a document. So different roles play different parts, thus the segments…


Key ingredients for a RIA ecosystem.

Silverlight’s announcement recently caught headlines, in that it’s release and partnership with Novell to ensure delivery of Silverlight via Linux is supported. This in turn underpins the notion that in order to have a successful RIA (Rich Interactive/Internet Applications) story, you need partners and more to the point an ecosystem to support the actual runtime itself….


Silverlight and Flex working together.

I’ve talked about this a lot, even produced some demos for presentation on the subject, yet there is one online you can see today. The guys at Switch On the Code have put together a demo of using Flex Sliders to manipulate a Silverlight ball. They also posted a tutorial on how they were able…