Michael Bach and his Web Platform Installer Beta

I was roaming the hallways early today and Michael Bach (Product Manager for Web Platform) was grinning like a he was up to no good. Given we’re all working hard on the various efforts required for PDC, Silverlight RC0 etc I was wondering what he could possibly be happy about? I asked him: "wtf is…

Silverlight Offline Storage with LINQ.

I get asked a lot about what the .NET folks can bring to RIA, and the first thing I proudly say is the fact is they bring a lot of engineering maturity and given Silverlight compliments a lot of their existing knowledge, it is our bet that this will carry over into the runtime. An…

What do you mean all Silverlight.

There are times, when I see great things around Silverlight and this one site for me always seems to capture us at our best. Great video, and from a great site.. http://www.microsoft.com/click/artandtechnology

SEO, Nothing changed.

Gilbert (one of the original guys behind prooving Silverlight + SEO) of  had a great write-up outlining some depth thought around this whole SEO buzz that Adobe unleashed early this week. http://bits.samiq.net/2008/07/seo-for-ria-status-few-days-later.html I like this quote: Microsoft has .XAML and the .XAP extensions, the second been just a zip file renamed; which pretty much are…


Life on Microsoft Campus

It’s been basically a month since I first moved into my office here on Microsoft campus and I both love and hate it here. Geek Celebrities need their own star path Life on campus can be really fun and it’s kind of surreal to be sitting here at lunch time and seeing a lot of…


What do you want to talk about?

I just had a curious thought, what is it that you’d like me to talk about on this blog. In that, given I have access to various amount of information, people and technology within Microsoft (externally as well) – what is it you’d like me to discuss in depth? In that I still notice a…


Getting around Microsoft campus in the future.

I stumbled upon this site, which basically sounds like it’s a pitch to change the way we Microsoftee’s get around Redmond campus. I love it’s concept and wish it were being implemented, but I’ve not heard or seen anything that would indicate this being true. Check out the site http://gettherefast.org/bettercampus.html or watch the video..


I’ve finished up at Microsoft and heading to PIXAR.

  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was excited to be promoted to a Product Manager role on the Rich Client Platform Team (Silverlght/WPF). Well, whilst I was at SxSW I bumped into some folks at PIXAR whom I shared a few beers with. Cut a long story short, I jokingly asked if…


I am now a Product Manager.

I’ve managed to worm my way into Microsoft Corp HQ, as a Product Manager (PM) on the Rich Client Platform team (Silverlight/WPF etc). This for me is a major step forward in my career, as whilst I’ve enjoyed being one of the first RIA Evangelist for Microsoft, I feel I can offer more impact via…


Silverlight, Valve and Microsoft Surface..

What a title, and yes they do have one thing in common. Me… I arrived on campus, a couple of weeks ago and pretty much spent most of my time meeting with lots of people from different teams throughout Microsoft. I mainly focused on the UX story overall, where are we heading and how long…