Silverlight and Flex working together.

I’ve talked about this a lot, even produced some demos for presentation on the subject, yet there is one online you can see today. The guys at Switch On the Code have put together a demo of using Flex Sliders to manipulate a Silverlight ball. They also posted a tutorial on how they were able…


Web On The Piste (New Zealand).

I’ll be attending and speaking at the first “Web On The Piste” in New Zealand next week. This is a conference being organized by both Straker and Gruden, two companies in which I’ve had a lot of positive dealings with over the years. It’s shaping up to being hopefully a permanent fixture on my conference…


We gave birth to RIA.

Adobe’s Mike Downey and I were throwing comments back and forth on this morning, it was derived from Brad Becker (ex Flash Product guy @ Macromedia and now Microsoft staffer) post on RIA. Brad posted this a few months ago when JD @ Adobe got all fired up over Rich Interactive Applications vs Rich…


Silverlight: Project vs Prototype.

I get a lot of emails about how one should approach Silverlight and whether they should hold off until the control/layout frameworks are feature complete. My answer is simple, focus on what you have today as it will be something in which if you invest now will aide you once the framework(s) / future features…


Going Flex to Silverlight: Understanding our DisplayList API.

Disclaimer: This is part two of my Going Flex to Silverlight series, where I’ll be talking about how one is able to transfer concepts they have learnt in Flex world but are looking to explore what Silverlight also has to offer. Whatever reason they have chosen, is entirely up to them and this isn’t to…


The basics of a Silverlight Control

I’ve been sitting here for the past few days really getting my head deeper into Silverlight and I’ll post more example’s of going from Flex to Silverlight later this week. I will however branch out a bit here and illustrate one nugget that I wish someone had of sat over my shoulder and told me…


Going flex to Silverlight: The basics (easy stuff first).

Introduction This is going to probably annoy some, and signal mixed messages but overall the approach I am taking is to provide a context driven learning path on how to go from Adobe Flex coding to Microsoft Silverlight. I really don’t want these posts to be fuel for the “Flash Killer” BBQ’s as that’s counter-productive,…


Flex Open Source, what’s changed?

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for comments on this subject and I’ll be brief. As I think it’s a politically hot topic and I don’t want to get into that level of discussion (no good can come from it). Flex SDK was free anyway. Flex compiler is now free for all to use….


Zinc vs Apollo.

Jaspal Sohal (CEO) Multidmedia, a company whom own the software “Zinc” has made some official comments on where they sit against Apollo. We can’t be certain at this point on which of the two are better, as Apollo is still in alpha. Yet, if the race were to be called tomorrow, I must admit I’d…


Thanks Silverlight, you just validated RIA (Wrong, here’s why)

In 2002 one of the guys ( Jeremy Allaire) whom I owe my house & lifestyle to, came up with an idea that Rich Internet Applications (RIA) should exist in a certain way, with a certain direction going forward. I trusted his idea, as the last one was Coldfusion and it paid off for me so…