The bigger you grow, the more stupider you become.

I just finished watching MacHeads, it’s a documentary about basically die hard Mac fans and was filmed around Macworld 2007. It was insightful, as the lesson I learnt was something I’ve been noticing for the past 3 years with regards to Microsoft. Here it is, and are you ready for an inspiring thing to occur?…


I’m on DG.TV

Michael Kordahi – aka DelicateGenius decided to interview me on my last day at Microsoft Australia. It just occurred to me that I’ve never really done a video interview before (I usually turn them down), mainly because I’m a shy guy when it comes to camera’s. That being said, I’m loving the approach Michael is…


Anand asks – "What would you do if you were a Microsoft Evangelist?"

Anand Iyer, an Evangelist in our ever swelling ranks of evangelism army, asked a basic question. “Q.What would you do if you were a Microsoft Evangelist”. I myself have wondered as to what folks perception of Evangelism really is all about and often wonder how we / they are perceived on the street. Example: One…


A UX and Developer Evangelist create, inspire and promote.

Shane and Michael spent a week in a program called "AiR" (Not the Adobe kind – Artists In Residence). It’s a program headed up by Arturo Toledo (Expression Team) which enables folks to come to Redmond and spend some time building some UX prototypes to help them wrap their heads around Silverlight, WPF and Expression…


I am now a Product Manager.

I’ve managed to worm my way into Microsoft Corp HQ, as a Product Manager (PM) on the Rich Client Platform team (Silverlight/WPF etc). This for me is a major step forward in my career, as whilst I’ve enjoyed being one of the first RIA Evangelist for Microsoft, I feel I can offer more impact via…


Something is being built…and I hope you RIA kids are watching…

I’ve been a busy little Microsoftee and have done a lot of interviews over the past few months with folks from all walks of life. I’m about to go live very soon with a project. What’s the project? not telling until it’s finished. I will give you a teaser though. It’s nothing I’ve seen done…


Silverlight: Instant YouTube out of the box.

“..I’ve got this idea, and it’s a way to do a job that is better than what YouTube does today..” is usually an opening line I receive a lot (not word for word, but the meaning is there). Silverlight can enable you to do many powerful things should you put your mind to the task….


Exploring a different horizon.

I often get queries, questions and so on around why I on one hand wear the Microsoft logo on my shirt, yet roam around the the place with a MacBook Pro. I also at times play around with Adobe Products as well as our own, and essentially the question mark above peoples heads are mixed….


1yr into being a Microsoft Evangelist. (The Story).

It’s been about a year now since I first got the phone call from Frank Arrigo giving me the thumbs up on a new role here at Microsoft. Given Christmas break is approaching, I decided to pause for a bit and reflect on how my year’s been and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way….


No Planes, No Conferences, No Meetings

I’ve been traveling quite a lot this year and meet with some amazing folks in the process. Well, my travel is up for this year and I’m looking forward to spending some much needed R&R at home with the family and get back to basics – coding some proof of concepts. I’ve got a lot…