User Experience – The Kettle.

  How many kettles have you owned over the years? is it more than one? has it always been the same one? It’s a pretty straight forward device, you fill it up with water, it heats up and then you tip the contents out into a container. Why then are there so many varieties of…


Apple vs Microsoft – Web Usability.

I recently found a site via a colleague today, which basically outlines the way in which we approach our customers/consumers via the web compared to [ Click here to view the post ] At first I just simply groaned, and waited for the beating, as I know internally I’ve moaned about our approach, so…


Don’t abuse the Desktop.

If you’ve read any book on design patterns, prospective memory is bound to come up. A lot of folks may read it and go “ahh, nah, i don’t know what to do with that” and i state this as i constantly wonder as to why applications continue to hassle users to “Save this to the…


The Wow Effect (10secs vs. 10mins)

The explosions of plug-ins today have brought innovative ways to visual experience online in ways that are both exciting and dangerous. I say dangerous, as on one hand they are visually appealing they are at times useless and typically can end up becoming a trend. The Muse. I had the pleasure of being a part…


Using your mind to control UI.

Rick from Cynergy Systems has found a way to borrow a headset which enables you to control WPF UI with your mind. You can watch Rick’s video here, and read the back-story but all i can say is it will be interesting to see how this combines with interactive experiences like and mind control….


Why invest in UX?

I often get asked the question around how one is able to return an investment on User Experience. It’s as if the person asking the question is somehow expecting some random piece of research data that outlines how one could grow their business by x% because of UX? The reality is that you’re unlikely to…


UX lessons from game design

I just attended the Seattle Chapter of Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Tonight the topic was "UX lessons from game design". It was an awesome event and you can catch the video later this week. What struck me as really great about this, was the discussion of how to map some of the lessons in Game…


Windows 7 Multi-touch: Think beyond your Notebook of today.

  I like the rest of the world read about our Windows 7 Multi-touch capabilities and personally thought it was brilliant move on our part. As this paves the way for mainstream use around multi-touch devices, something that the next generation of applications should consider more. That being said, one journalist (ZDNet’s Mary Jo) comment…


Have we made UX to complex?

I was giggling at this Video I found on Google Video. It’s basically a PR video for the Wang Freestyle. I initially made a joke that it’s Adobe’s new PR video for LiveCycle (heh sorry couldn’t resist). One thing that did stand out about this video however was the simplicity of the way folks were…