I have moved to RIAGENIC.com

Just in case you haven’t realised by the big “images” above, that I’ve now moved over to RIAGENIC.com Click here: http://www.riagenic.com I’ve enjoyed my life at Microsoft Australia and Headquarters and look forward to heading back home to Australia, joining Readify.net as their first UX Specialist and embracing the UX Community. My new blog is…


I hereby resign from Microsoft.

Some internal staff and trusted close friends have known for some time, but I’ve resigned from Microsoft as a Rich Platforms Product Manager. It was a decision that i made simply due to the fact that I just wanted to be home, and as much as the experience on Microsoft Campus has been an enormous…


Must fight urge to do "year in review 2008" post.

Look, I have lots of regrets and at the same time I have heaps of wins, above all, I did what I could, and where it counted the most. Going forward, I just want to spend more time working with .NET developers & designers whom want to succeed in WPF & Silverlight more than before….


I get to ride the pony now (new toy).

Living in the US vs Australia has one standout plus, the cars over here are so damn cheap that it makes me angry to think I’m paying almost double to triple for the same models back home. That being said, I decided my birthday is coming up in October, figured why not get myself a…


New Car..

A bit of a personal milestone here, basically we bought a car for the family today. It’s a Ford Edge and I think it looks like an angry little "mongrel" of a thing… kind of reminds of this little stocky pit fighting machine for some reason. It’s for the kids etc, as the next toy…


I have arrived..

Just arrived to my new home in Seattle. The apartment Microsoft have provided is quite nice actually, roomy, warm and with a nice fast cable modem to cap it all off. We spent some time prior to arriving in Seattle at Disneyland (Highly recommend folks avoid weekends – I should know better, but it was…


Chapter 30, Sleepless in Seattle due to Jet Lag.

The house is on the market, the cars are being sold and the passports are ready to be stamped with "Welcome to the United States Mr Barnes". The biggest move of my life/career is in full swing, and I’m both SH@*T scared and excited at the same time as this new chapter will be one…


I'm on DG.TV

Michael Kordahi – aka DelicateGenius decided to interview me on my last day at Microsoft Australia. It just occurred to me that I’ve never really done a video interview before (I usually turn them down), mainly because I’m a shy guy when it comes to camera’s. That being said, I’m loving the approach Michael is…


I fly home tomorrow

I have spent the last three (3) weeks in the United States travelling around listening to customers talk about Microsoft. I have a lot to say, and little time to type it – suffice to say the overall vibe I am getting is we are onto something big and people are paying attention to our…


I am now a Product Manager.

I’ve managed to worm my way into Microsoft Corp HQ, as a Product Manager (PM) on the Rich Client Platform team (Silverlight/WPF etc). This for me is a major step forward in my career, as whilst I’ve enjoyed being one of the first RIA Evangelist for Microsoft, I feel I can offer more impact via…